The Starvation Diet

as i've been workin' in the garden,
i've been thinking
about eating

this is the earliest i've ever harvested crops and, it made me wonder about how it would feel to be starving... and waiting for plants to yield

this year... there is already the need for harvesting of lettuce, radishes, scallions, snow peas and strawberries

so, i have a food book here... and am curious to know what my strengths and weakness in diet would be.

(i also find it interesting how i end up eating a lot of small meals... pick n' eat while i work the plot)

"a strawberry is not related to any other berry; in fact it is a member of the 'rose' family and is not a berry at all." frozen strawberries won't lose any nutritional value, but it will be distributed between the fruit and the juice.

strong in:
folic acid - 4.6mcg / 3.5oz
vitamin C - 59 mg / 3.5oz

(medium potassium - 164mg / 3.5oz)

i've been eating radishes like apples. the soil needs to be very loose... or you will just grow a lil' string with no bulb.

folic acid - 10mcg / 3.5oz
vitamin C - 25mg / 3.5oz

this doesn't count the leaves... the lil' ones are good in a salad

scallions are "baby" onions... also called spring onions. i usually don't harvest the whole plant... just pick and eat the greens.

sometimes i cut up the bulb in a salad or sauce

i can't find nutritional info on the tops... but the bulbs contain:
calcium 40mg / 3.5oz
potassium 231mg / 3.5oz
vitamin C - 25mg / 3.5oz

they are also known as "mangetout"
immature snow peas can be eaten pod and all... raw. this is my favorite way. however, the nutritional info. i found is for boiled (with edible pods)

carbohydrates 9.5g / 3.50z
fiber 1.3g / 3.5oz

wait here is some info on raw... they will have more
carbohydrates 12g / 3.5oz
potassium 170mg / 3.5oz
vitamin C - 21cg / 3.5oz

i like a variety of types but prefer the "crisp"
fiber .5g / 3.5oz
folic acid 10.3mg


if i tried to live off this food, my diet would be void of: B12, D, cholesterol (and almost no fat)

[and, believe it or not... there is such a thing as "good cholesterol"]


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